Jeff Rowlette

About Me

Born and raised in Southern California (Monrovia) – 1966

Growing up in the late 60’s and 70’s was a WAY different world than 2016!

The music was certainly better. The cars were WAY cooler and faster. Life was a little simpler and more traditional than today’s computerized digital world.

You would play OUTSIDE….imagine that!  You would stay out until the street lights came on or your parents yelled your name. We rode bikes, fished, played Frisbee, or just made up games.


So what is QCAM?

I was a machinist for over 25 years. All CNC machining (Computerized Numerical Control). I learned to program without a computer. We used trigonometry – imagine that. When CAD/CAM software starting coming out, the software was great for the CNC mills, but it was terrible for the CNC lathes. I found I could program faster and better at the machine with a calculator than by using the software that was available. Then I realized that all the part features were essentially the same but the numbers varied. Sounds like a program to me! So I taught my self Windows programming, got myself a US patent (#5784281) and I sell it. I don’t charge much for it…it’s just a hobby to me. I’d like to sell a lot more though! The money would be nice!