Jeff Rowlette

I’ll start with a rant

The media….ah the media! The main stream media – aka: the MSM and their “news” outlets.

The media, for the most part, is owned and operated by democrats and liberals. It is biased is SO many ways. Even down to the commercials you watch. Whenever they show a robber, it’s a white male regardless that blacks commit far more crime than whites. Or how about how they portray white males as effeminate snowflakes.

The news is all together anti-Trump in every way possible. Every story they run is negative. Much of it is just flat out lies. They use tactics such as fear mongering, race baiting and omission of facts to portray Trump, republicans, and patriots as the enemy of America. They turn a completely blind eye to all the numerous crimes of their darling democrats. They are attempting to radically change America – and NOT for the better.

And the biggest problem is that since they are owned and operated by democrats and liberals, this is the story that most Americans are being brainwashed into believing.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook is considering running for president in 2020. Now understand that most retards actually get their news from the crap they read on Facebook – and they believe it (pathetic)…

HE CONTROLS FACEBOOK…..They often shut down right-wing pages and groups that they don’t agree with. He will control what these people read and believe….Fair and unbiased? Hell no…

More to come….LOTS more.

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