Jeff Rowlette

Summer is HERE!

And nothing says Summer like a day at the beach!

Either the Atlantic or the Pacific or even the Gulf states….America has a lot of ocean shoreline to enjoy! If you are not lucky enough to live anywhere near an ocean…close your eyes and try to imagine it….it really is as wonderful as everyone says it is!

For me in Southern California, the Pacific ocean is 45 minutes away. Oddly, I don’t get down there nearly enough…  One of my all time favorite things to do is surf-fish. Standing knee deep in the largest body of water on the entire planet…casting my lure out over and over and over again – then the tug of a halibut or a small bass…  There is nothing I’d rather be doing!!!!!!!!

When evening comes, I switch gear and move up to the BIG poles. 15′ poles with giant reels – for the sharks!

The sharks come in at night ready to eat and I’m there waiting for them. I’ll start a small camp fire \when it’s allowed and put glow sticks on the tips of the rods so I can see when a shark takes the bait. When it comes to sharks, I’m 99.999% catch and release.

It’s Summer people! Get out there and enjoy it!


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