Jeff Rowlette

New Radiator For The Barracuda

So my 318 was getting hot on the highway. ..above 225…. I decided to get a bigger better radiator.
Reading on the forums, I learned that in 1970, small block mopar water pumps switched to the driver’s side. My engine is a 1974 so a standard 68 radiator would not work. A little looking around and I found this Champion model for a 70’s Duster…..CC526

I ordered it but long story short, FedEx screwed up so I drove a few miles to the Champion headquarters.


Real nice people and I scored my new radiator!


This morning I swapped it out….


This thing cools awesome. …I need a good hot day to get up on the freeway and really test it, but I believe my cooling issue should be solved.

It fit perfectly and looks great too!

Very happy so far…..I’ll update when it gets hot here in SoCal. …won’t be long!


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