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Chino Car Show – Fun!

So last Saturday was the Chino car show. There were THREE big shows that same day and I had to choose one…an all Mopar show called “Spring Fling”, a huge hot rod show at the Fairplex in Pomona CA., and the Chino show. I chose the Chino show because it’s my local town’s show and VERY close to my house.

It was a LOT of fun! A great guy from the next town over, Ontario, came to my house a little before 6am in his 1969 Plymouth GTX and we drove the 1.5 miles together to the show. It drizzled a little rain on us for the first 45 minutes or so until the sun was up and then beautiful weather the whole rest of the day. Southern California can get really hot and that’s not so fun sometimes, but Saturday the weather was mild and perfect!

Over 500 cars attended this years show and quite a wide variety of classics. Food vendors, an open header contest and a lot of great people made it a GREAT day!

Here are just a few pictures. First up is my friend Rod’s ’69 GTX.

My ’68 Barracuda

And just a couple of the over 500 beautiful car from the event….

If you din’t make it this year, you should really try to next year!



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